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Ink edit

Photo manipulation of a shot I took with my friend Amber.



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Photoshoot with Helen

These photos are from a lovely impromptu shoot I had with Helen Davis a few months back in LA. Through a few mutual friends we met and collaborated on a fun fashion shoot. With a bag of chunky gold jewelry I brought, and the awesome outfit she came in, we had a fun afternoon shooting at the Venice Canals, in Venice Beach. If you have never been, I highly recommend it, the houses are incredible. Just walking down an a back street, we found a bunch of cool textures and colors in the walls and garage doors.

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Mace & Slade Xmas card photoshoot

These faces….. such a fun time shooting with these cute little boys. Mace(big bro) and Slade(lil bro) were such a pleasure to work with, I had a smile on my face the entire time. After a nightmare computer glitch where I lost the pictures to my last 5 photoshoots (you can never trust technology grrr), the family was kind enough to understand and let me do a re shoot. I’d like to say everything happens for a reason, no matter how frustrating, but in the end I was able to take more pictures with these cute boys and would never have these pictures to share 🙂