Krsni + Umesh| Lafayette Park Hotel Wedding


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Ink edit

Photo manipulation of a shot I took with my friend Amber.



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Photoshoot with Helen

These photos are from a lovely impromptu shoot I had with Helen Davis a few months back in LA. Through a few mutual friends we met and collaborated on a fun fashion shoot. With a bag of chunky gold jewelry I brought, and the awesome outfit she came in, we had a fun afternoon shooting at the Venice Canals, in Venice Beach. If you have never been, I highly recommend it, the houses are incredible. Just walking down an a back street, we found a bunch of cool textures and colors in the walls and garage doors.

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Mace & Slade Xmas card photoshoot

These faces….. such a fun time shooting with these cute little boys. Mace(big bro) and Slade(lil bro) were such a pleasure to work with, I had a smile on my face the entire time. After a nightmare computer glitch where I lost the pictures to my last 5 photoshoots (you can never trust technology grrr), the family was kind enough to understand and let me do a re shoot. I’d like to say everything happens for a reason, no matter how frustrating, but in the end I was able to take more pictures with these cute boys and would never have these pictures to share 🙂



Some shots I took of my awesome friends Amanda, Bekah, and Cougar, up in Seattle, Wa.

Noahs Cake Smash

Well this was hand down, the cutest shoot I have ever done! Little Noah was a pleasure to work with and was not shy with getting his hands cakey!

cakesmash2IMG_0051IMG_0096IMG_0078IMG_0443IMG_0522IMG_0115 IMG_0176 IMG_0202 IMG_0207 IMG_0210 IMG_0334 IMG_0349 IMG_0362 IMG_0425 IMG_0475 IMG_0488

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Photoshoot with Amanda McCombs

I was so excited when my beautiful friend from college told me she was coming down to the Bay Area for a weekend, so I made sure we had time to do a quick afternoon shoot. We had an awesome time drinking corona and listening to music and shooting some fun and sexy pictures. Amanda is the owner and founder of LUXLA jewelry, make sure to check out her website

Photoshoot with Melissa

I shot with Melissa Hernandez on a beautiful sunny day in the bay, at Juaquin Miller Park in Oakland.  The beautiful outfits were designed by Adorna Couture and the makeup artist was Carolina Burmudez.

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